Friday, June 12, 2015

Today our blog features Lulu from ECOSUR!

Lulu sorting through the microscope
The cruise is finally over!! We pulled into Key West on June 2nd and returned to Miami with our equipment and samples! I will post a few more entries on our cruise-blog....but today our blog will feature a dear colleague of mine: Vásquez Yeomans or “Lulu” who joined the cruise from Chetumal’s ECOSUR (El Colegio de la FronteraSur) where she is a researcher in the Zooplankton Laboratory in the Departamento de Sistemática y Ecología Acuática

Lulu and a leptocephalus larva
She shared with the blog that “I identify larval fishes using multiple techniques, from traditional dichotomous and taxonomic keys to the more novel DNA BARCODE technique to identify fish larvae. I also work to update and develop larval distribution and abundance in the Mesoamerican Reef and act as 'advisor' for students doing their Senior and Graduate theses."
noaa research women STEM
Lulu and Estrella
Although Lulu is an expert at identifying many larval fish groups, Lulu actually joined our survey to improve her skills in the identification of larval bluefin tuna!
Lulu and the MOCNESS in the back deck
She also was very interested in photo-documenting some of the lovely fish photos we have been featuring in the blog in seawater (before we preserve them in ethanol – and then they lose their color!).

gobiidae reef fish larval fish

Lulu shared with the blog “I am here to continue our ongoing collaborations (2004-today!) with the NOAA ELH Lab and promote future relationships with the other scientists on board.” In Spanish, Lulu said: "Estoy feliz de estar en este crucero participando directamente en la obtención de muestras muchas de las cuales he podido observar en vivo. Esta es una oportunidad única. Gracias a todos y especialmente a John Lamkin y Estrella Malca.”

We were delighted to have "Lulu" join us in this historic expedition in the Western Caribbean. Here are some photos Lulu took while she was on the ship!
Mixed assortment of reef fish (Apogonid, Serranid)

Mixed assortment

the inspiration from "Alien"