Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scientists Are Fun

The last few posts were pretty science/tech-heavy ... so I thought I'd show everyone that we actually do a lot more in our free time than sit around discussing the merits of different CTDs (if you'd like to read those posts about CTDs, nets, and other gear, go here and here). If you want to view any photo larger, just click on it! For captions, go to the bottom of this post.

Lucky Sea Monkey Clyde

E. Malca Go Pro
NF1304 PicturesNIck Mitchell


Styrofoam cups for CTD

Jake and Kat With Sargassum Beards
From Top:
1. Clyde, our lucky sea monkey, decked out in S. Privoznik's birthday gear
2. E. Malca hooked up her Go-Pro to some of the nets! She was pretty excited about her setup.
3. The official NF1304 candy jar!
4. N. Mitchell, a survey technician on the Foster, had his hair braided in Nassau.
5. We celebrated S. Privoznik's birthday while on the ship!
6. A selection of the many styrofoam cups we markered up! We'll send these down on the CTD to about 1000 m -- when they come up, they'll be shrunken down to about 1/3 of their original size.
7. Showing off our facial hair (or facial sargassum)

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